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The digital world offers immense opportunities. Amongst them: Staff Augmentation. Through this outsourcing strategy, we temporarily and seamlessly become part of your team. We develop the suitable software solution together – from automation all the way to industrial apps. The benefits? No tunnel vision. We always work with the latest technologies – from .net and Xamarin & MAUI to OPC-UA. And: We have solutions ready for legacy systems. We generate no fixed costs. We adapt to you and your company – we work with traditional or agile methods. Need more reasons? Ask us!

A peek into our tool case

C#, VB, C++
Docker, Kubernetes
Frameworks: DevExpress
Databases: MSSQL, MYSQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, CosmoDB, SQLite
Front-end & app development: Xamarin, WPF, Blazor, MAUI, WinForms, HTML5
Roles: Software Engineer, Product Owner, Project Manager, DevOps Engineer

We become your team – staff augmentation

We can support you in the following areas: Research and Development, IIoT and Connectivity as well as Automation and the rapid development of Industrial Apps. Our cross-over skills are part of the equation. We don’t have just one approach to digitalisation, rather we assume the role of consultant, developer and implementer. As part of your team, we bring the tedico mindset to the table. This means: Problems are not always looked upon from the same perspective. We bring new perspectives.

Dorner Electronic freut sich, mit der tedico GmbH einen kompetenten und verlässlichen Partner für die Konzeption und Umsetzung von Software Projekten gefunden zu haben.

Matthias DroopDirector Product Development

Digital success stories accompanied by tedico

The solution is always team-based. Success stories in the area of staff augmentation attest to our theory.

Success Stories
Michael Silber von tedico

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