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Developing our own products is what we’re all about. We focus on products that bridge gaps in the digital world. In short: Products that make digital life easier for our customers. The scalable key to this are our cloud-native frameworks that we’ve developed.


The Chimera is not just a hybrid creature from Greek mythology. It is our scalable data collection tool for edge & frog computing. Via open interfaces such as REST, OPC DA/UA and MQTT, integration into existing systems is easily possible.


We’ve implemented the Remembrall from the Harry Potter books, the tedico way. The result is a mobile ad hoc documentation app demonstrating impressive full traceability and optional machine learning services.

Asset Manager

The name says it all. It is the go-to product for the dynamic management of various assets, hardware and software. Via REST-API and scalable containers, all assets are easy to handle with any quantity structure. The optional Blazor-UI allows for simple configuration – also including the less technically versed.

Notification Hub

Notification of various end points via a single API call – including mail, teams or WebHooks. In this case too, this means: Easy management of everything via open interfaces and ultra-modern container support.

Software product development, the tedico way

Our company philosophy espouses: Simplifying the complex, breaking down dependencies and creating suitable concepts. This also applies to the development of our own products. We think about where a software tool made by tedico can be put to good use. This is how the internal development process begins. The following principles are considered in this respect.

  • Cloud native computing approach in all projects
  • Scalable and combinable by tedico cloud native framework
  • Simple and intuitive user guidance
  • Use of open standards, in particular for interfaces
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